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Games Proposal - Rhubarb and Custard - Week 1

Updated: May 16

Week commencing 01/05/2023

This series of blog posts is to document my additions to my very first project for the module, of which my lecturer suggested to me I spend my time now running up to the deadline adding to.

Firstly, it was suggested that there is no need to completely re-do the environment myself and Rob, my partner in this group project, had already made. We have solid foundations for our game which we are both still happy with, but now as we have gotten to understand the module better throughout this year, we wanted to go back to it and update it with our current knowledge.


Cel Shader

Before (left) and after (right, though with some edits to the shader itself).

To start off, my first addition to this project was to add a cel-shader via post processing effects.

This is content that I bought off of the Epic marketplace - I did not make the effect myself. This content was created by Neckkeys, and the original listing is here, for full credit:

This pack comes with a lot of different cel-shader material options to choose from, though a lot of them are seemingly just alterations of different outline colours of one material. I chose the fourth one available, circled, and put it into the post processing array to apply it.

I also made the post processing infinite so it applies everywhere, even when the camera is outside of the range of it.





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