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Games Proposal - Stray - Week 3

Week 3 Commencing 10/4/2023

This week I figured out the lighting setup I wanted for the scene. I was heavily inspired by Clementine's apartment in-game, in which I found the Artstation post for by an artist that worked on the game, Kime Honme.

Original post:


I also added a sort of "fake skybox" for where you can see outside through the window.

I call it a fake skybox, because well, I did not need to invest into making an actual one, given that my screenshots and any final photos/videos will never be from outside of the room - the only thing that matters is that it looks good from inside!

To make the skybox texure, I took a screenshot from the game and imported it into Substance Painter as a texture. The above image on the left is the original screenshot I used from the game. I took this image and put it in Photoshop and turned the contrast way up until I got the image on the right. This new image is what I used as the emissive, to make it look like when all put in Unreal that the glow actually came specifically from things like the lanterns and neon sign posts in the screenshot.

Now, I just simply made a big box with reversed faces so that the textures apply on the inside. I made sure that these boxes actually encase my room, and that you can't see any corners from the inside of the room from the window too.

I still have to make some small adjustments for next week, and I would like to invest more time into setting up some post processing effects, a cinematic camera with better settings, and perhaps a UE5 Niagara dust particle.

Next week I would also like to look into if it is possible to find any official models online of the Robots in Stray I can add to my scene and give proper credits for. I think it would be a cool thing to add and would increase the atmosphere, but I am not too stuck on it either, because it is more important to me to show the concept of my environment and the idea of how it would fit into the Stray world more than anything.

Here is how this week's schedule spreadsheet is looking, also:

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