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The Vertical Slice: #Log #5

Time to move onto 3D work!

This week I'm working on what I call "Asset Pack #1".

I decided splitting my workload up into two asset packs would be better for both myself and my team. For me, I'm able to narrow down and focus on a small group of things for a week and give myself a bit of breathing room.

For my team, they get the most needed basic assets to populate the block out, and the more intricate less important models/materials can just be added into Asset Pack #2 next week! (hopefully).

I was able to break down the look of our game into what I thought to be the most basic and needed assets, such as different variations of rocks, mushrooms, water, etc.

At first our group had a bit of trouble with sending and recieving assets, as less art-focused individuals didn't want to mess around with the material editor, and for some reason when sending folders the textures would disconnect.

This delayed my workflow a little bit, but eventually I found out that I could just send over the whole unreal project files and have the other person migrate from mine to theirs seamlessly.

Test level screenshot from Cory with my assets in!

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