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The Vertical Slice: Log #6

Asset Pack #2

This week, I got to do the latter half of the assets we needed, which are more "specialised" - mostly used for certain mechanics or areas.

Majority of these models are provided by Will for me to texture, however I did have to alter some of them as something must have gone wrong in transferring the files that we couldn't figure out and it was easier for both of us for me to just re-do parts. Again, most of the rocky models were the fastest to do and easy to make variations for, since I already have last week's Substance Painter & Designer smart materials to just put on & bake.

Close-up of the truck! I probably spend the most time adding things to this model and texturing, for some reason I really enjoyed painting this even though I've never done anything like it before!

I also wanted a lot of detail on it since it would be VERY big in the level, as it's upscaled to be a puzzle mechanic in which you have to dodge it or get run over and lose a life - meaning you get to see it up close!

I wanted to be the environment artist myself, but for time's sake, Val placed all of the assets in the level above! I assume it also would've been troublesome for the team to send me the Unreal files.

I didn't mind this so much, I just had to ensure that the recieving end of my assets knew what exactly to do with them, and so I ended up making some video tutorials/photo references for them as well.

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