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The Vertical Slice: Log #7

Back to 2D work this week!

I made paper-textured parallax backgrounds to be used in the different areas of our game.

I very much tried to keep it to the same style I used for the character sprites, to tie everything together.

We really liked the idea of having a 2D character in a 3D world. Initially I was concerned about how long it might take me to render each background to a high quality standard I would be happy with, and it was suggested by some of the group that we could scrap the 2D background idea and instead populate it with the 3D assets already made.

We agreed upon that having the 2D backgrounds to match our 2D character would be ideal, but I expressed concern that it would be unrealistic for me to do both the backgrounds to a good quality and also 20~ish comic/cutscene images for our game that Val concepted.

We settled upon me being able to spend more time and effort on our backgrounds by reducing the amount of comic pieces, which I am happy about, since I thought a lot of the comic pieces were just depicting what the player was already playing through but twice.

Each background is split up into groups and layers; the foreground, midground, and background, so that we can achieve the storybook/papercraft side-scrolling effect in-game.

Forest BG

Forest Clearing BG

Cave BG

"Deforested" BG

Desert BG

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