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The Vertical Slice: Weekly Log #2

This week I was able to start concepting our logo!

Val's Concept

Above is the initial idea/conept that Val had made, and I decided to reference this when coming up with the ideas for the logo. Val emphasised that I was able to experiment as much as I wanted with the logo, and I was able to come up 4 different concepts I thought were strong.

My personal favourite is probably #4, as I think it includes the two most important elements in our game without being too in your face and overbearing: the frog character and the tadpoles. Considering the main goal in the game is to save your tadpoles and there is a big focus on that, I thought this was important to play up in the graphics.

The team favourite was logo concept #2, and this is what I eventually develop into our final logo. This was a favourite amongst the group as it was the most simple one and I assume because it had a more friendly composition; with everything rotating around a soft, round head.

Final Logos

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