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The Vertical Slice: Weekly Log #3

Player Character - Freddo

Character sketch! I tried to stay close to the main silhouette of Matt's concept art but making him a bit cuter in my own style.

Final Sprite

I overlayed some paper scans over each individual part of him and added shadows where it would make sense if this were a real life papercraft doll, where the paper would overlap.

He has a big smile and big eyes and a big tummy, all to look as cute and appealing as he does! Bright and saturated colour schemes were also used to help support this.

Passing it on to Matthew!

It was very important to me to ensure that Matthew could animate my sprite art without any problems to prolong the process, as having all of the animations done early on would be really good for us. I tried to do this by seperating every individual object, shadow, paper texture etc into individual groups and layers that can easily be modified and moved without destructing any other part of the art.

Next update will hopefully be the rest of the sprites! I am doing it in this sort of batch format because I know that my team would definitely need the main character as soon as possible, compared to other smaller sprites that can just be replaced by a placeholder.

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